B4BC Pink Tahoe Mini
  • B4BC Pink Tahoe Mini

    10% of the proceeds from this sale will be donated to Boarding 4 Breast Cancer (B4BC), whose mission is to:

    • Prepare young people with education on early detection.
    • Promote the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle as the best means of breast cancer prevention.
    • Provide survivor support for those affected by breast cancer.


    Now with SEISMIC WHEELS! The highest quality mini on the market has got even better with an upgrade and now comes with Seismic Rippler Wheels! These handcrafted little gems bring the fun anytime , anywhere from kids to adults you will always want to take it everywhere.


    Tahoe Minis come with the highest quality and best components you can buy. 27.25" long and 7.25" wide; you got capabilities of the tightest little turns in the power carves when you need it. These little boards turn like no other mini out there and are guaranteed to bring you hours of joy. Made in California with pride! Perfect first board for kids and adults alike and those looking to relive their youth. These minis are fun for the whole family. Lightweight and portable, you can take your mini with you anywhere. They fit in a backpack and in the overhead on airplanes, making them great for travel. Girls, you will absolutely love these! Recommended uses: carving tight turns, cruising, our favorite board to travel with, park, campus, surf check, warming up for contests

    • Recommended weight: 0 - 300 lbs
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 26.25"
      • Width: 7.25"
      • Kicktail: 4"
      • Kicknose: 1"
    • Kickflex: Stiff
    • Construction: Cold-pressed maple 7-ply
      • Trucks: Independent Trucks
      • Wheels: your choice of Seismic Rippler 59 mm 78a or OJ Super Juice 2 60mm 78a
      • Abec 7 Bearings 
      • Grip: mob clear




      Design #1 

      Sunset Mountain #1

      Design #6 

      Sunset Mountain #3

      Design #10 

      Amethyst Mountain #2

      Design #11 

      Cold Winter#1

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