Design #1 

Sunset Mountain #1

Design #6 

Sunset Mountain #3

Design #10 

Amethyst Mountain #2

Design #11 

Cold Winter#1

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Designed by team rider Phil Sacks with graphic by Peter Hawks.  This board is a high speed freedride board able to handle all your sliding and racing needs. Designed from the ground up. Lots of R&D went into this one . RECOMMENDED USES:Freeriding SlidingRacingCruisingDIMENSIONS : Length • 37.25Width.• 9.25Wheelbase •  25-26 adjustableFLEX :StiffCONSTRUCTION:9 plyCold pressed mapleTaco 2 moldORIGINAL ART : Reno Tahoe local Peter Hawks MADE IN CALIFORNIA!

Homewood Pro Deck