Kidwell Deck
  • Kidwell Deck

    This board throws you right back to the ’80s! When boards were wide and vertical skating was in its prime. Designed after Tahoe legendary snowboarder, Terry Kidwell; inventor of the first kick tail on a snowboard and first mctwist on a snowboard. Terry is a legend of legends. It comes with an iconic photo by James Casimus of Kidwell doing a handplant in the world's first snowboard halfpipe at the Tahoe City dump. Get that old school Tahoe vibe on this beauty! Parks, street and ramps; this thing rules it all. Kidwell rules!


    • Recommended use: street, cruising, park, vert, and going for coffee.
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 31" 
      • Width: 9.75"
      • Wheelbase: 16"
    • Construction:
      • Cold-pressed
      • Maple 9-ply
      • Big kicktail, small front kick




      Design #1 

      Sunset Mountain #1

      Design #6 

      Sunset Mountain #3

      Design #10 

      Amethyst Mountain #2

      Design #11 

      Cold Winter#1

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