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Sunset Mountain #1

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This board throws you right back to the 80’s when boards were wide and vertical skating was in its prime . Designed after Tahoe legendary snowboarder Terry Kidwell . Inventor of the first kick tail on a snowboard and first mctwist on a snowboard Terry is a legend of legends . Comes with iconic photo by James Casimus of Kidwell doing an andrecht in the worlds first snowboard halfpipe at the Tahoe City dump. Get that old school Tahoe vibe on this beauty . Parks , street and ramps this thing rules it all . Kidwell rules ! RECOMMENDED USES :Street Cruising Park Vert Going for coffeeRECOMMENDED WEIGHT :0 - 250 lbDIMENSIONS : Length • 31 Width • 9.75Wheelbase • 16 DESCRIPTION : Cold pressed maple9 ply Big kicktail Small front kickCOMES WITH : Trucks • Independent 169 Wheels • Bones rough rider 60mn 78aBearings • Abec 7Grip • mob clear MADE IN CALIFORNIA !


Size: Red