Lahonton Cutthroat 38 complete
  • Lahonton Cutthroat 38 complete

    The original cutthroat is a directional freeride beauty. If your looking for a mix of slow and high-speed carving, this is the one. Open road cruiser.


    • Recommended uses: carving, cruising, sliding, racing, and getting pulled by your dog
    • Recommended weight: 0 - 275 lbs
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 38.9" 
      • Width: 10.125" 
      • Wheelbase: 29"- 31"
    • Construction:
      • 9-Ply Cold Pressed Maple Taco Mold, Candy Coat Finish Custom 
      • Contoured wheel wells, 3.5 plus deep
      • Stiff flex



    • Comes with the NEW AHMYO/TLB Sugar Pines

      This complete will now come with the new AHMYO/Tahoe Longboards Sugar Pines! Inspired in Tahoe and its natural beauty and lifestyle. With the help of local rider Phil Sacks, we’ve developed a new and incredibly fun wheel in collaboration with Ahmyo Wheels.

    Wheel color and size

    Design #1 

    Sunset Mountain #1

    Design #6 

    Sunset Mountain #3

    Design #10 

    Amethyst Mountain #2

    Design #11 

    Cold Winter#1

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