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Sunset Mountain #1

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Sunset Mountain #3

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Amethyst Mountain #2

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Cold Winter#1

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The original 42 ! This board is very diverse and best for carving at all speeds . Beginners to advanced longboarders will enjoy its comfy flex and sharp turning capability . Designed on the streets of Tahoma In Lake Tahoe It’s  a true California style performer . Combined with the turning perfection of the Arsenal trucks and the trippy soft ultra performance of the seismic wheels makes this board feel like magic . Layedback crusing around the block , going to the store or up carving the hills you will fall in love with your Tahoma 42 !!! RECOMMENDED USES:Cruising CarvingRECOMMENDED WEIGHT :0 - 250 lbDIMENSIONS :Length • 42Width • 10.25"CONSTRUCTION : 9 plyCold pressed mapleConcaveMADE IN CALIFORNIA!u

Tahoma 42 Tree