Dead Head Deck
  • Dead Head Deck

    Designed for tech slides, cruising, skateparks, rough terrain, downhill, and creative riding of all kinds. This board rips! The Dead Head is a super fun and stoney ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE. It’s a bomber oversized shortboard. It’s wide and the concave is so comfortable. From young guns looking to tackle skateparks, hills, rail slides and jib everything to the older cruiser stoner looking to stay young and feel fresh going for coffee.


    • Recommended uses: cruising, sliding, slow speed, high speed, bowls, street, park and rails.
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 35.5"
      • Width: 9.5"
      • Wheelbase: 18"
    • Construction:
      • Cold-pressed maple 8-ply


    ORIGINAL ARTWORK BY Tahoe Local Earl Christensen; Instagram @earljam82




      Design #1 

      Sunset Mountain #1

      Design #6 

      Sunset Mountain #3

      Design #10 

      Amethyst Mountain #2

      Design #11 

      Cold Winter#1

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