Siesmic TANTRUM 68mm 81a
  • Siesmic TANTRUM 68mm 81a

    68mm tall x 43mm wide TANTRUM Wheels
    31mm running surface • Centerset bearing seat • Double-radius profile
    4.9 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels
    Our beloved Cry Baby wheels grew up, went to college, and became the Tantrums: the lightest and most functional freeride wheels of their size on the market!
    The 68mm by 43mm Seismic Tantrum is molded around the special “fin-trimmed” version of our proprietary weight-saving Energy Conversion (EC) hub – the first tall, wide hub seen in longboarding and still second-to-none.
    The big, airy, fiber-reinforced hub combines with perfectly-refined proportions, superbly-supported radiused edges, and our advanced urethanes for a truly progressive freeride experience:
    • quick acceleration
    • slide release and hookup that are always easy to read
    • vibrant ‘thane lanes
    • consistent wear

      Design #1 

      Sunset Mountain #1

      Design #6 

      Sunset Mountain #3

      Design #10 

      Amethyst Mountain #2

      Design #11 

      Cold Winter#1

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