Tahoma 42 Deck
  • Tahoma 42 Deck

    The original 42! This board is very diverse and best for carving at all speeds. Beginners to advanced longboarders will enjoy its comfy flex and sharp turning capability. Designed on the streets of Tahoma in Lake Tahoe. It’s a true California style performer. Combined with the turning perfection of the Arsenal trucks and the trippy soft ultra-performance of the seismic wheels makes this board feel like magic. Laidback cruising around the block, going to the store or up carving the hills; you will fall in love with your Tahoma 42!


    • Recommended uses: carving and cruising
    • Recommended weight: 0 - 200 lbs
    • Construction:
      • Cold-pressed, maple
      • Medium flex
      • Concave 9-ply
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 42"
      • Width: 10.25"



      Grip tape

      Design #1 

      Sunset Mountain #1

      Design #6 

      Sunset Mountain #3

      Design #10 

      Amethyst Mountain #2

      Design #11 

      Cold Winter#1

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